I'm Simply a Vessel.  

So are you.

Let me help you remember.

You are a physical representation of the divine. You're perfect as you are. During your journey and human experience on this earth, sometimes you forget.  I'm here to help you remember.  


My greatest passion in life is supporting humanity through Spiritual Alchemy, which happens when we embrace the entirety of the human experience, transmute what's not in alignment, and ignite the truth of our own divinity.


I've had the ability to attune and communicate with souls since birth.  After a near death experience, I began to professionally expand on my natural gifts and develop many types of healing modalities through extensive training. I learned how to rebalance my own past traumas, addictions, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and other physical injuries.  I've always had a love and deep connection with the earth and animals, which was reignited after my own deep healing and learning.  I was then guided to share my healing work and be of service to both animals and humans alike.

If you resonate with working with me, you or your pet will get exactly what the soul needs in that moment.  I never know what will show up from my healing and spiritual toolbox, because it will be a unique medley specifically for your animal or for you.


All you need to do is show up.  Come as you are. 


If a certain skill set or modality resonates with you ahead of time, simply let me know and Spirit and I will get to work!  

"Leah gave me incredible opportunities for transformation I had never imagined I was capable of. Her intuitive power and ritual is a perfection I have previously never witnessed in another person. She also helped to heal my relationship with two very valuable people in my life.

I highly recommend anyone to work with her - be open, clear your mind, and Leah will show you a world of magical possibilities."


"I found Leah, and I couldn't be more thankful. She is absolutely brilliant and nothing short of inspiring. I never felt a release quite like this. I have held onto things that were making me consistently fall into slumps and not be the best version of myself. Leah has helped guide me to a more sustainable and fulfilling life. I would highly recommend her as I will never stop making time to meet with her.

I hope she remains in my life until my day comes!" 








A personal session with me will be exactly what your soul needs in that moment for your ultimate transformation.  It could be a mix of intuitive insight, spiritual communication with souls alive or passed on, higher self-connection, healing ancestral or karmic DNA traumas, or simply activating your inner bliss and emotional freedom. 


When needed, I will support your energy body with Pranic Healing that is designed to allow deep healing on a cellular level for deep-seededd emotions, phobias, traumas, addictions, physical ailments, and stress relief.


Spiritual Alchemy is a transmutation process to help you release stagnate energy and patterns, and is specially designed to help you awaken to your own spiritual gifts, your ability to self-heal, and ignite the lightworker within. Together we can connect with your soul's purpose here on earth and activate your own divinity so that your life is the fullest expression of you.  


Sessions are typically done over the phone or skype from the comfort of your home.  In-person sessions are available depending on location and availability.   Couples Sessions and customized packages are also available.



During these sessions, I communicate with your pet and use my gifts to help you understand the higher spiritual purpose of why your souls came together, and what lessons you are both meant to learn.  I can also connect and help you commune with a beloved pet who is no longer living if you so choose.


When needed, I can facilitate transformative pranic energy healing for your pet's ultimate health, happiness, and well-being. This allows deep healing on a cellular level of emotions, phobias, traumas, and physical ailments.  


If you're curious as to why your animal is behaving a certain way, a behavior consultation is a good start.  I will connect with their spirit, a higher perspective, and receive insight into to the root of the behavioral problem. These sessions help balance your pet, show you how to be the best leader and listener to their needs, as well as provide behavioral tips to ensure a balanced relationship.

Sessions are typically done by phone or skype from the comfort of your home.  If you prefer an in-home session or to visit your barn, special rates and travel fees will apply.


Guided Mystic Yoga for Individuals or Groups

I help create and hold the space to allow the body to ease into a deep state of peace and alignment, while also stoking the fires of passion, personal healing, and purpose.  No matter your level of experience, I will guide you to allow healing and alignment to happen from within.


  Spirited Adventure - Guided Hikes to Energy Vortexes and Sacred Sites.  Together we turn a beautiful hike into an awesome shamanic adventure and use the power of earth energy to heighten your experience of healing, song, nature medicine, friendship, connection with nature, and your own inner power and peace.  After these hikes, you'll feel grounded and connected to the bliss of natural rhythms that will ultimately allow more ease and harmony in your day-to-day life.


Yoga and hiking experiences are available for individuals, groups, events, or retreats.  Keep up to date on my group yoga experiences by clicking here!



My vocal and sound sessions are powerful vibrational healings, and what shows up will be specific to the group. Often it's a unique medley of inspired speaking, channeling, kirtan, vibrational poetry, singing, and more.  These words and vibrations allow the breaking of old patterns at a therapeutic and deep cellular level while recalibrating the group to a higher energetic alignment.   

Meditational experiences vary based on the spiritual needs of you or the group.  These experiential meditations often result in a mix of angelic communication or channeling, shamanic healing or deep pranic breath work.  You and/or the group often leave with a deep sense of peace, profound shifts, personal empowerment, and an awakening to the power of the spiritual unity we all share.


My vocal and meditation experiences are available for private sessions, private concerts, groups, or to include in your own retreats. I also hold private concerts and retreats - click here for upcoming events.




I love making and sharing my Unicorn Fuel - organic raw vegan chocolate made with 100% love.  This high vibrational chocolate is specifically designed to open up the heart and heal any old heart wounds, while bringing joy and a sense of light-heartedness to your life!


Available for sale upon personal request, in large quantities at my events, and for cacao ceremonies or events and parties.  

Simply contact me for more details.


leahdietzen (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tel: 949 - 394 - 4013

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