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Mayan Cacao
 Facilitator Training

APRIL 20th-29th 2020


Sing to the stars and dance with the moon as we journey into the heart and womb of all creation. Rebirthing your own being as a holder of the Medicine of I’xCacao, connected to a Mayan Lineage with roots that run deep.

The Medicine of I’xCacao is one that births from the Ceremonial Mayan Roots of Guatemala and Central America.

The Medicine of The Sacred Valley of Peru, carries the wisdom of the Q’ero, and is like being held by The Divine Mother, Great Pachamama.

Integrate teachings from the Mayan Lineage with Teacher’s from Guatemala, Izabel and Izaias Sajvin.  

Learn about the Mayan Calendar & Cosmovision.

Visit a Cacao farm to connect with the spirit of the plant and know how she is made.



Learn to make the medicine in a traditional way and practice creating and holding your own ceremonies, involving the wisdom of earth by introducing the Mayan calendar and its cycles.

Learn about the values of each element in Mayan culture.

Integrate teachings from the Mayan Lineage with teachers from Guatemala, Izabel and Izaias Sajvin.  

Learn about the Mayan Calendar and Cosmovision. 

Visit a Cacao farm to connect with the spirit of the plant and know how she is made.

Learn to make the medicine in a traditional way and practice creating and holding your own ceremonies, involving the wisdom of earth by introducing the Mayan calendar and its cycles.

Learn about the values of each element in Mayan culture.

Hike to sacred sites in Peru.

Sit in Cacao & Fire Ceremony. Learn to use plants as medicine.

Release what no longer serves in a Temazcal Sweat Lodge. 


Experience and learn about the medicine of horses, somatic movement, and enjoy music and art with Leah Dietzen.

Reflect deeper into yourself. Practice intimate connection and learn play as a sacred art.

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This Journey will bring you into a deeper connection and communion with yourself, and thus, with all of life. 
It will prepare you to be a keeper of the medicine in a way that honors these roots as you share your own ceremonies.

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Feeling the Call

Some of the mythology of cacao has a great bearing of the current state of the world. The upsurging of the desire for cacao is the myth playing itself out eternally.  The general theme of many legends describes that when humanity begins to misappropriate nature and misuse natural resources, then the cacao tree, with it's fruit and seeds, are then introduced to the world to restore harmony with nature.  

This is the call for those who want to bring the origin of cacao back to Earth. This is for all cacao facilitators to teach our children in the world to respect the origin of each element and use them in ways they were made for. To be a pioneer, bringing changes and respect back to the spirit of cacao, making conscious changes in the lives of the children in the world.

Are you feeling the call of Peru?  The call of I’xCacao to open your heart and to help open the hearts of humanity?  Come and join us on this Journey into the Heart, and dive deeper into the path of Mastery and Service!

Hike to sacred sites in Peru.

Sit in Cacao & Fire Ceremony. Learn to use plants as medicine.


Release what no longer serves in a Temazcal Sweat Lodge. 



Experience & learn about the medicine of horses, somatic movement, & enjoy music & art with Leah Dietzen.Reflect deeper into yourself. Practice intimate connection and learn play as a sacred art.


Arrive at the private location in Huaran, Sacred Valley of Peru. Settle into your cozy shared lodgings and enjoy a healthy lunch from a local Peruvian private chef. In the evening we will gather for a despacho and coca circle from local Q’ero teachers and begin our journey by asking permission of the lands and giving thanks.

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4/21/20 ROOTS

Start the day with a morning practice of meditation and movement before enjoying breakfast, this will be our daily routine. Go to a local Cacao farm to learn about how Cacao is grown, sourced and made. Make a mandala of flowers and offering for the roots and for the land. Connect with the roots of this sacred plant to build a deeper connection with her and her journey to becoming a medicine. Return back home to a nourishing meal and an integration circle.

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4/22/20 ALCHEMY

After morning circle and breakfast we will sit with our Teacher’s Izaias & Izabel in a traditional Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony. We will release what no longer serves and learn what it looks like to sit with the medicine of Cacao and Fire, taking letters and expressions written down of your past, with love and gratitude to be released with offerings to the sacred fire. Learn the sacred art of alchemy, releasing any heart blockages, clearing ancestral and personal karma, and seeding the dreams of your future. Rest, receive a nourishing meal and enjoy our nightly integration practice.

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4/23/20 MEDICINE


We will sit with I’xCacao, preparing her in a good way—sitting with the seeds that will plant our dreams.  Sorting, peeling, grinding, making her into a sacred medicine. Learn about the mythology of I’xCacao and the alchemical transformation of fire turning her into gold. Learn how to prepare her and how to set up for your own personal or group ceremonies. Create intentional doses of ceremonial cacao, allowing her to be a medicine for the heart, for your children and community.

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A day to connect with the Star Nations and Pachamama, and to connect deeply with yourself. We will hike to a local sacred site and also learn about Mayan Cosmovision and the Mayan Calendar. Anchor deeply into this lineage and it's Mayan roots, and to the heart beat of Mother Earth and her cycles. Learn about the cycles of the Mayan calendar, the importance of the 4 elements in our lives, about the nahuales of the Mayan calendar and your mission in life according to your own nahual. As always, we will have our nourishing meals provided for us and morning and evening integration practices.



Practice preparing the Cacao and setting up for Ceremony for our journey with the wisdom teachers of the horses. Create the altar of serving cacao to your community, practicing how to use a particular color of flower, learn about intentions according to the nahual of the day and what the group is going to work on for each day. Each student will get the chance to practice facilitation, then afterward we will spend time with the horses. Observe their teachings and how energy moves, how they practice energetic boundaries and bringing a deeper awareness into the patterns present in your own life.



Find a deeper connection with Cacao as you continue practicing mastery in preparation and facilitation. We will gather with the medicine of Horses and Cacao Ceremony again to dive deeper into the teachings. Feel into the ways that you can practice a richer intimacy with all of life. To sit with Cacao and the stories of the land is a magical way to connect with yourself. An opportunity to practice a deeper and more intimate connection with ourselves and each other. 

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4/27/20 RELEASE &


Hike to our Temazcal, learning about local plants along the way and how to use them as medicine. As our sweat facilitators prepare for our journey into the womb of The Mother, we will learn more teachings about how to work with plants to help release heavy energies, bring healing, clarity and inner peace. We will step into our Temazcal, led by local Medicine Keepers, and prepare for our deep rebirth. 

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Weave the teachings into your path as we play and practice in a final day of Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony. Become initiated fully into the Mayan Lineage of being a Keeper of the Medicine of I’xCacao. Integrate deeper into your own power as a Ceremony Facilitator and instrument of service. For our final ceremony we make cacao for all of us, opening the ear of Creator to offer gratitude for every piece that we are taking to spread the love.  Stepping into the way of initiation with the paths of the 4 elements, speaking to the sacred fire and sending this prayer to the universe to watch us in each direction we may go!

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4/29/20 MASTERY


Mastery is a constant practice and refinement. Today we prepare to leave to walk forward in our lives in a way the honors the path of deep purpose and vision, knowing nothing is ever perfect, and that mastery is something found in each new breath. Today we honor the Mayan Lineage of I’xCacao and one another for the journey we have all shared together before moving forward with clarity on our own individual paths.

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Please email 
to set up a phone or Skype interview.

Total Cost is $2,000



-Shared lodging with one other roommate in a private retreat location.

-Three gourmet meals a day by our private chef.
-Transportation during the event.

-Morning & evening practices of movement, meditation or somatic integration through art and music.

-All costs covered during the event.

-You will also receive cacao facilitator tools to take home that include:
A ceremony belt, statue of I’xCacao, & Molinillo Cacao mixer.


Space is limited to 10 participants



Izaias Sajvin Mendoza was born in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala and is married to Ana Izabel Pérez, together they are raising two children,  Janson and Leo.

Izabel found her path after being together with Izaias and forming a family, she was asked to be trained to hold sacred fire ceremonies as a shamaness, during her training her nahual showed that her work is to bring back woman’s power through the womb. 


Years later Izabel attended a course of Mayan Massage Womb for women offered by her teacher and midwife Dominga for awakening of the womb and bringing back the power of women.

Now Izabel brings the prayers to the fire in the sacred way, and holds Temazcal in the womb of mother earth to give herbal baths to men and women, and offerings to those who want to attend.


Together Izabel and Izaias create Ofrenda Sagrada, as offerings of Cacao and Sacred Fire ceremonies, ceremonies in partnership as they were asked to walk in partnership to balance and inspire others to work together with their love partners. 

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Izaias was raised in a Christian family and as an adolescent, was given a dream to look for the local spiritual practice. He asked his father discretely and was told that his grandfather was a Shaman.

Izaias was invited in a ceremony where he saw all the beautiful colors and the Shaman revealing all the details, using all natural items decorated with flowers and prayers in the local language.  Izaias prayed all the time in Spanish, he was amazed what his eyes revealed to him.  But the timing was not yet right.  And the teachings of patience began. 

Finally, years later, Izaias found other Shamans, both men and women,. He found a woman Shamaness who resonated a lot with Izaias. He invited her to do a ceremony asking the Spirits why he had a specific dream. In the middle of the first ceremony that Izaias organized he was told that, “the dream he had, his grandfather invited him to step into the shamans (elders) circles.” Izaias never met his grandfather, his father told him that he (grandfather) died just after Izaias was born. 

In that time there was a Guatemalan election in 2011. Izaias confessed to his family that he voted for a different politician rather than his family’s choice, and his family was angry and violent, they were forced to get out and leave the family’s house. This happened 3 days before his pre-initiation ceremony began. Izaias asked his teacher what to do, she explained that this change was necessary if he was going to make such a change in his life, so it is an opportunity for him to leave, and was offered a humble home in town by his teacher. 

Nine months later Izaias was initiated as a Shaman. Izaias began his journey, practicing the Mayan Calendar Readings through the nahuales, Cacao ceremonies and Fire ceremonies. Thanks to Cacao, Izaias found his path and helped him to open the door for opportunities that he received through this process. After all this happened, Izaias has now received respect and admiration from his family 

Izaias now is an activist and promoter of Mayan ceremonies. He is dedicated to rescue, conserve and preserve the Mayan altars (sacred sites) so that they are not privatized. He does this so they remain free for others to come and place their offerings. 


Leah has been walking the path of telepathy and connection with the spirit world, the animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience.  She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony holder, Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator & Trainer.  She has worked with horses since childhood and trained with various teacher’s throughout the world, she now offers horse integration and energetic boundaries facilitation.  She also teaches yoga, offers guided hiking and backcountry experiences, integrates dance, art and music and various other modalities and enjoys deeply listening to the land.  She has studied with various indigenous teachers throughout Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and the Northern America’s and believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.  She currently bi-locates between Zion, UT & Sacred Valley, Peru

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