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Fire & Cacao
 Immersion Training

JANUARY 19th-21st 2024



Sing to the stars and dance with the moon as we journey into the heart and womb of all creation. Rebirthing your own being as a holder of the Medicine of I’xCacao, connected to a Mayan Lineage with roots that run deep.

The Medicine of I’xCacao is one that births from the Ceremonial Mayan Roots of Guatemala and Central America.

The Medicine of The Sacred Valley of Peru, carries the wisdom of the Q’ero, and is like being held by The Divine Mother, Great Pachamama.


In this 3-day Fire & Cacao Immersion you will...

Learn to make the medicine in a traditional way and practice creating and holding your own ceremonies, involving the wisdom of earth.

Learn about the values and wisdom of the fire elemental.

Reflect deeper into yourself. Practice intimate connection and learn play as a sacred art.

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Feeling the Call

Some of the mythology of cacao has a great bearing of the current state of the world. The upsurging of the desire for cacao is the myth playing itself out eternally.  The general theme of many legends describes that when humanity begins to misappropriate nature and misuse natural resources, then the cacao tree, with it's fruit and seeds, are then introduced to the world to restore harmony with nature.  

This is the call for those who want to bring the origin of cacao back to Earth. This is for all cacao facilitators to teach our children in the world to respect the origin of each element and use them in ways they were made for. To be a pioneer, bringing changes and respect back to the spirit of cacao, making conscious changes in the lives of the children in the world.

Are you feeling the call of Peru?  The call of I’xCacao to open your heart and to help open the hearts of humanity?  Come and join us on this Journey into the Heart, and dive deeper into the path of Mastery and Service!



This Journey will bring you into a deeper connection and communion with yourself, and thus, with all of life. 
It will prepare you to be a keeper of the medicine in a way that honors these roots as you share your own ceremonies.

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We will open with a fire & cacao ceremony to give thanks to this land and to the medicine. We will then journey into making the cacao and a discussion of plant offerings and the elements of the fire ceremony.

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1/20/24 TUNING IN

Start the day with a morning offering to Pachamama. We will then tune in to the medicine of cacao. We venture into the story of cacao, our intuition, the messages to share and connect to, and each of the offerings. In the afternoon we will shift to practicing a fire ceremony in pairs to hone in on our practice.

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After a morning invocation, each person will be holding their own fire & cacao ceremony. This will be held with the entire group to give each person an opportunity to practice. We will close with a sharing circle of feedback and gratitude. 

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Please email 
to set up a phone or Skype interview.

Total Cost is $350


Space is limited to 10 participants



Leah has been walking the path of telepathy and connection with the spirit world, the animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience.  She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony holder, Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator & Trainer.  She has worked with horses since childhood and trained with various teacher’s throughout the world, she now offers a 12-week mentorship.  She also teaches yoga, offers guided hiking and backcountry experiences, integrates dance, art and music and various other modalities and enjoys deeply listening to the land.  She has studied with various indigenous teachers throughout Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and the Northern America’s and believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.  She currently lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

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