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Come join us for a rewilding and connection back to nature and plant medicine

When I tune into what the collective needs right now, I think of the words witness and rest.

I have traveled in shadow lands for over 20yrs and actively worked to bring light into these spaces.

Nikki is one of the few humans I know that travels this space equally with deep presence and play.

She is the keeper of the cactus, also known as San Pedro or Wachuma. A heart opening and grounding force. An elder that connects you back into the web of life and nature.

My own path has had me walking closely with many indigenous elders and teachers. Reconnecting back into the earth and the animals.

We have created this offering birthed from our personal paths.

An invitation to be witnessed in your own healing and opening.

An invitation to listen to the horses and nature.

To move slowly, to walk lightly on this earth.

To give back to the lands, and to your own sacred body.

We are calling in the hearts of the wild ones, the weavers of life, the bringers of magic.

Let’s play together.

DM to connect deeper


Leah & Nikki

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