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A Journey into

the Heart

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Whole Heart Awakening and

Leah Dietzen Healing Arts

Invite you to join an authentic spiritual journey  

MAY 15th-21st, 2020

Join Leah and Jared in The Sacred Valley of Peru where the sacral chakra of the earth resides and the lay lines of the Masculine and Feminine energies meet.  Use these powerful energies to sink deeper into your heart.  Allow the powerful Apu’s (mountain spirits) and sacred waters to wash clean anything that no longer serves.  We will dive deep into the tantric teachings to create space for a deeper connection with yourself, others and all of life.

The Medicine of The Sacred Valley of Peru, carries the wisdom of the Q’ero, and is like being held by The Divine Mother, Great Pachamama.


Visit sacred temple sites, sit in a temezcal to cleanse and rebirth, sit with cacao and other plant medicines and learn the teachings of the Q’ero lineage and how to pray and connect in a different way.  Participate in a service project to give back to the local community and work with horses to practice energetic boundaries and allow their medicine to bring to the surface old patterns that are ready to be released.  Use art, dance, music and storytelling to express your deepest expression of self.


This is an opportunity to connect with this sacred land and embody a different way of being.  Return home with teachings and tools that will empower you to live from a place of the heart.  A place that invites trust, honest communication, deep joy and the ability to navigate into the shadow aspects of the journey of awakening with support and grace.  If you are feeling the call to step into a different way of being and showing up in the world we invite you to say YES to yourself and YES to all of life.



‪May 14th‬ we will have a hotel available for all who want to meet up and connect the night before in Pisac, a private collectivo (van) will pick everyone up on the morning of ‪May 15th‬ in Pisac to take everyone to the private location.)


After arriving at our location on a private permaculture farm in the Sacred Valley, we will sink into connection practices and get to know one another.  After our lunch from local chefs we will dive deeper into Hindi practices including basic tantra with a playshop and deep embodiment of fun. 

After dinner we will have a special treat of a local Q’ero coming to share teachings of the lineage and giving a despacho (offering) to Pachamama, allowing our spirits to deeply connect in a good way with the land.



Begin your morning with yoga and breathwork before breakfast, this will be a daily offering.  After our morning heart check in we will share teachings on cleansing the heart and the ancestral family line.  We will then hike to the local waterfall to do a water cleansing ritual.  We will learn the practices of giving offering before asking for the nature spirits to support us and spend time connecting to the land before returning home for our dinner.  We will then use the medicine of the drum and rhythm to sink into a collective space together.  The teachings of music to help heal neuroplasticity in the brain has been well documented and studied by our practitioners.  We will then go on a shamanic journey and sound bath.




Begin our day with yoga and breath followed by breakfast and our daily check in.  We will then head out to the horses and sit with and discuss the teachings and medicine of the horse.  Horse Medicine offers us reflections and mirrors into patterns and the ways our energy is moving and ways we are showing up that work, or perhaps don’t.  We will then work on the ground with the horses to actually feel and perceive energy and what energy boundaries feel like in the body.  We will return home for rest and integration followed by dinner.  That evening we will then participate in a Mayan Cacao & Fire Ceremony to release to the fire what no longer serves and call in what we desire.



Following our morning routine we will head over to a private location for a traditional Temezcal (sweatlodge.)  Here we are gifted the opportunity to go back into the womb of the Divine Mother to be rebirthed and reborn.  To connect to the roots of Mother Earth and yourself and to intentionally reflect on the world you desire to create upon your rebirthing.  A New Earth, a new reality and way of being.  After our Temezcal we will return home to dinner followed by a group integration with art, music and tantric practices to practice being held not only by Divine Mother, but your fellow human tribe as well.



Today is the day we take all the inner work we have done and get an opportunity to apply it in real world application and service.  After our morning practice and check in we will head out to connect with the local culture and the land in a way to give back to the community that has supported all of us.  One of the main concepts discussed in the Q’ero lineage is the concept of Ayni, or reciprocity.   When we take something, we want to make sure we give something in return.  So not only will we be giving back to this community, we will also be integrating the inner work we have done by grounding it into practical application working hands on.


5/20/20 DIVINITY


Today we hike to our Sacred Site and sit with the Grandfather Medicine of Wachuma.   This gentle heart medicine offers us a way to connect to the earth elements as well as the Stars.  A way to reconnect back into the galactic grid work of all life, recognizing there is no separation.  We will be guided and facilitated by local Medicine People, and held in the deep loving container of Pachamama.  We will return home later that evening for a final dinner and special closing surprise.


5/21/20 CLOSING


Begin your last morning with an optional morning practice followed by breakfast.  We will gather for our closing circle to honor and witness the journey we have taken, both inward and outward. You are now free to go forth and embody this new way of being in whatever direction you desire. There will be a private collectivo taking whoever wants one to Pisac.  (If you would like to book a hostel there for the night we will be staying to enjoy the local festivities and will let you know where to book and how we can continue to play together!)



Total Cost:  $1,500



  • Shared lodging with one other roommate at a permaculture retreat space in the Sacred Valley of Peru

  • Three gourmet meals a day from local chefs

  • Transportation during the event

  • Morning and Evening practices of movement, meditation or somatic integration through art and music

  • All Costs covered during the Retreat

Contact to reserve your spot!  



Leah has been walking the path of telepathy and connection with the spirit world, the animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience.  She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony holder, Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator & Trainer.  She has worked with horses since childhood and trained with various teacher’s throughout the world, she now offers horse integration and energetic boundaries facilitation.  She also teaches yoga, offers guided hiking and backcountry experiences, integrates dance, art and music and various other modalities and enjoys deeply listening to the land.  She has studied with various indigenous teachers throughout Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and the Northern America’s and believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.  She currently bi-locates between Zion, UT & Sacred Valley, Peru

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Jared began his work as a traditional counselor earning a PhD in Marriage & Family Therapy specializing in intimacy, connection and trust. After 15 years of practice as a clinician and working as a professor, he felt a shift occurring that led to his own spiritual awakening. Since then, he has gathered tools and methods throughout the world to understand how to heal and awaken layer upon layer. He finds himself attracted to various arts and approaches including Reiki, Yoga, Shamanic healing, Chakra work, Energy work, Medium work, journeying, Tantra, sacred music, breathe work and integrative dance. He feels drawn to helping the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies weave at an individual and planetary level; he feels connected to the works of the Magdalenes, Isis, Druids and various tribal groups throughout the world. He currently resides in St. George, UT but spends time in the Sacred Valley, Peru; Glastonbury, England; Breitenbush, Oregon; and Ubud, Bali offering healing and awakening retreats.

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