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Classic Dance

Creative Self Expression

An online 12-week journey of accessing your creativity and sharing it with the world 
APRIL 1 - JUNE 17, 2024


Girl with Camera

Through self portraits we explore emotions, shadow archetypes, light archetypes, & the subconscious mind, while being witnessed in a group setting.


Through the medium of video we build upon the character created playing with voice, costuming & embodiment. Here we expand the capacity to express more fully all of the aspects of self.



Studying at Home

Through creative writing we play with avent garde writing styles, povs, and different perspectives of these characters. Allowing your writing to become another form of your expression.

Feeling the Call?

A 12-week journey of accessing your creativity and sharing it with the world. 

We meet once a week on Mondays at 12pm Peru Standard Time on Zoom. With continued support & connection in a group chat via WhatsApp.


The final class is 2 hours to perform a personalized monologue or sharing of your expression.

Please email 
to set up a phone or Skype interview.

Total Cost is $333


Space is limited



Leah has been walking the path of telepathy and connection with the spirit world, the animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience.  She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony holder, Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator & Trainer.  She has worked with horses since childhood and trained with various teacher’s throughout the world, she now offers a 12-week mentorship.  She also teaches yoga, offers guided hiking and backcountry experiences, integrates dance, art and music and various other modalities and enjoys deeply listening to the land.  She has studied with various indigenous teachers throughout Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and the Northern America’s and believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.  She currently lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

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